Maximize Your Brand Authority with Our Integrated Blogging and Social Media Tools

Elevate your brand’s online presence with bPUBLIC CRM's powerful blogging and social media tools. Create a blog in minutes directly within our marketing automation system, and easily write, design, manage, and publish posts that engage your audience. With permissions settings, your team can collaborate and publish posts, and guest bloggers can create profiles to expand your reach. Plus, RSS email syndication automatically sends new posts to your mailing lists, ensuring maximum visibility.
Get more engagement with your content by using social media widgets that allow users to share your posts and follow you online. With our marketing automation tools, you can track visitors, analyze which content performs best, and target posts to maximize conversions. Gain the authority and influence your brand deserves by harnessing the power of bPUBLIC CRM's integrated blogging and social media tools.


Elevate Your Online Presence with Integrated Blogging & Social Media Tools

Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy with bPUBLIC CRM's Comprehensive Blogging and Social Media Management Tools.

Maximize Your Authority and Influence

Unleash the power of your brand's online presence with bPUBLIC CRM's integrated blogging and social media tools. From building a blog in minutes to tracking visitors, analyzing which content performs best, and targeting posts to maximize conversions, our tools help you gain the authority and influence your brand deserves.

The Easiest Blog Builder You’ll Ever Use

Say goodbye to coding headaches and hello to the easiest blog builder you'll ever use. Our point-and-click editor makes it easy to set up your blog and start publishing posts. You don’t need to know HTML to use our WYSIWYG blog and website builder.

Make Your Blog Dynamic

The perfect blog looks different for everyone. So we made the best blog website builder possible: one which adapts to every visitor. Engage your visitors and subscribers with content designed just for them. Your blog index page will automatically adapt to resonate with different audiences based on who they are, what interests them, and how they behave on your blog and website.

Responsive Designs and RSS Email Syndication

Choose from a library of responsive index and content page templates. Customize the templates to get the perfect look without hours of coding. All templates in our blog and website builder are responsive, so they’ll look good on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Keep your subscribers up to date on your latest content through RSS email syndication. Customize your updates with thumbnail images, titles, dates, and other dynamic content.

Social Media for Blog Management

Amplify your message via social media. Use the blog marketing management tools to embed a social sharing widget in everything you post. Viewers can share your content instantly, bringing you more clicks, views, and leads. Encourage viewers to connect with you across social networks, and round out customer profiles in your CRM with social details.

Manage Social Content in Context

Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content with SharpSpring's Content Calendar. See what's in the works and make changes on the fly with an interactive social media management application that provides daily, weekly, monthly, or list views. Prepare for seasonal campaigns and understand your content needs well in advance.

Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users

Juggling multiple social media accounts? Manage them all - with one person or an army of marketers - within a single platform. Give your whole team access to your social media presence, or set up specific roles to manage your online presence securely.

Post Instantly or Schedule Ahead

Share fresh content immediately or plan in advance by scheduling posts for future dates. Time your posts for optimal engagement or to target specific demographics and user locations. Manage content so that it’s spread across the calendar and set your marketing team free from business hours.

Monitor Conversations That Matter

Find and filter social conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by hashtag, keyword and more. Find out what folks have to say about your brand, competitors, and industry. Spot customer queries or support issues and respond instantly. Re-share user-generated content and positive reactions.

Identify Hot Leads & Brand Advocates

Automatically adjust lead scores and capture interactions on the Life of the Lead to identify prospects that are ready to buy and current customers willing to help you close the next deal. Use the social media management platform to build real relationships with your customers, fast.

Trigger Automations Based on Social Activity

Take your social media management beyond posting and analyzing. With bPUBLIC CRM's social media management platform, identify hot leads and integrate information with your CRM. Automatically trigger a series of emails with related content or notify your sales team when a lead is ready to engage. Use other creative automations to feed your pipeline and convert social interactions into qualified leads or sales.

Measure Your End-to-End Social ROI

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of your social media marketing efforts. Use our social media management platform to create professional, customized reports that evaluate social media effectiveness beyond basic engagement. Track the progress of leads down to the individual level and organize your social posts into campaigns to see which channels and ideas perform best. Tweak or eliminate those that didn’t pan out.

Discover the Power of Chatbots

Get 24/7 conversions with bPUBLIC CRM's network of unique chatbots. These chatbots know who you’re engaging with, what they need, and where they are in your sales process. Add chatbots on your site to deliver content, answer questions, and facilitate live chat communication via Slack. With bPUBLIC CRM, you can integrate chatbots into your marketing strategy for more efficient and effective customer interactions.

Collaborative Blogging

With our collaborative blogging feature, multiple team members can work together to create, edit, and publish blog posts. You can assign different levels of permissions to ensure that only authorized team members can approve and publish content. The feature allows you to streamline the blogging process, enhance efficiency, and ensure consistency across your blog.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Entire Tech Stack

With our powerful APIs and Zapier connections, you can connect to hundreds of third-party software providers and seamlessly integrate all of your systems in one place. Keep your marketing automation CRM, content management systems, and web forms up-to-date and fully integrated with our marketing platform. Plus, take full control of your brand by rebranding emails, notifications, reports, and the app itself. All your data is securely stored on our encrypted, scalable platform, giving you peace of mind and ease of access. With bPUBLIC CRM, you have everything you need to streamline your tech stack and supercharge your marketing.