Boost Your Social Media Strategy with Comprehensive Management Tools

Are you tired of social media management platforms that simply schedule and monitor your posts? With our social media management platform, you can turn social interactions into meaningful conversations that generate sales and appear in your marketing reports.
Our comprehensive social media management platform includes all the features you'd expect from a top-of-the-line solution, plus powerful conversion tools that can only come from a fully-integrated CRM marketing automation platform. You can trigger automated workflows and score social leads based on interactions, sources, interests, and more, ensuring that your social media efforts are always optimized to generate real results.
Measure the end-to-end ROI of integrated marketing campaigns and demonstrate the value of your social media efforts to your team, clients, and customers. You'll gain valuable insights into which social media strategies work best, and which don't, so you can adjust your approach and continue to improve your results over time. Don't settle for subpar social media management. Start turning your social media interactions into real, meaningful conversations and conversions.


Simplify Your Social Media Management

Elevate Your Brand's Social Presence with Our Robust Social Management Tools

Manage Social Content in Context

Stay on top of your social media game with bPUBLIC CRM’s Content Calendar. Get a comprehensive view of all your planned content, including social activity, scheduled emails, and blog posts, in one interactive social media management application. Make changes on the fly, using daily, weekly, monthly, or list views, and prepare for seasonal campaigns and upcoming events.

Post Instantly or Schedule Ahead

Effortlessly publish content across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, either immediately or at a later time. Use bPUBLIC CRM’s social media management platform to schedule posts for optimal engagement, target specific demographics and locations, and set your marketing team free from business hours.

Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users

With bPUBLIC CRM, manage all your social media accounts in one platform, regardless of the number of profiles or users. Juggle multiple Twitter feeds, Facebook profiles, LinkedIn pages, and other social media accounts with ease, using one person or an entire team of marketers. Give your team access to your social media presence, or set up specific roles to manage your online presence securely.

Post Once Across Unlimited Accounts

Share great content across relevant social platforms and audiences with bPUBLIC CRM’s multi-channel posting feature. Turn any one-off post into a big campaign winner by publishing it simultaneously across different social media channels. Create a consistent social media experience for your followers, and develop a coherent strategy and balanced presence across the internet.

Monitor Conversations That Matter

Listen in on social conversations across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with bPUBLIC CRM’s social media management application. Find and filter conversations by hashtags, keywords, and more. Discover what people are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your industry, and respond instantly to customer queries and support issues. Spot brand advocates, and re-share user-generated content and positive reactions to build real relationships with your customers.

Identify Hot Leads & Brand Advocates

Capture interactions on the Life of the Lead and automatically adjust lead scores with bPUBLIC CRM’s powerful lead tracking feature. Identify prospects that are ready to buy and find your best brand advocates online. Reach out to them with positive reinforcement and affiliate programs, and use bPUBLIC CRM’s social media management platform to build genuine connections with your customers.

Trigger Automations Based on Social Activity

bPUBLIC CRM’s social media management platform identifies hot leads and integrates information with your CRM, triggering related automations such as email campaigns or sales notifications. Feed your sales pipeline and convert social interactions into qualified leads or sales, without even lifting a finger.

Show End-to-End Social ROI

Gain better insights into the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts with bPUBLIC CRM’s custom reports feature. Evaluate social media beyond basic engagement, and track leads’ progress down to the individual level. Organize social posts into campaigns, see which channels and ideas perform best, and optimize your strategy over time.

Supercharge Your Sales with Our Built-in and 3rd-Party CRM Integrations

Empower your sales with our Marketing Automation CRM's seamless integration with any other CRM provider. With instant two-way synchronization, keep all of your integrated data up-to-date. Manage sales with ease with a bird's eye view of your pipeline, custom deal stages, fields, filters and more using our marketing automation tools. With bPUBLIC CRM, you can streamline your sales process and close deals faster!