Maximize Conversions with Our Smart Marketing Automation System

Drive more sales with bPUBLIC CRM's powerful, easy-to-use visual workflow builder that simplifies marketing automation. With our branching logic, you can easily engage leads at critical points in their unique buying journeys, and instantly sync information with our built-in marketing automation CRM suite. Set up buyer personas for your products and services, then assign leads to different personas so that you can send automatically targeted messages. And with our lead scoring based on engagement, page tracking, fit, and more – including natural lead decay over time – you'll never miss a hot lead again. Plus, receive a list of each day's hottest leads right in your inbox, so you can act at just the right time to convert them to sales.


Optimize Your Marketing with Powerful Automation Workflows

Drive Conversions and Engage Leads with bPUBLIC CRM's Marketing Automation.

Build Visual Automation Workflows

Create automated workflows with the intuitive builder and track buyers' journeys with branching logic to follow unique paths. Set up lead nurturing campaigns, messaging triggers, and drip email campaigns that convert leads into customers.

Improve Conversion Rates with Lead Nurturing

Engage new prospects with carefully tailored, automated email campaigns and keep your brand top-of-mind with timely messaging. Notify your sales team when leads are ready to buy and increase your conversion rates.

Focus Your Campaigns with Lead Scoring

Score leads based on engagement, page visits, filled out forms, content downloads, and specific demographic characteristics. Automatically update lead scores over time and nurture leads until they are ready to be converted.

Marketing Automation with Dynamic Lists

Create dynamic lists that automatically update as contacts meet the list's criteria. Keep a list of every lead interested in a specific set of products, from a specific location, a lead score above "x", or visits pricing pages.

Create Rich Personas to Tailor Your Campaigns

Build buyer personas and design dynamic emails and landing pages to resonate with each persona. Segment your messaging and lead nurturing campaigns by persona to deliver ultra-personalized content.

Keep Leads Hot with Triggers and Filters

Set up triggers that kick off tailor-made workflows to segmented users. Filter, re-segment and target individual leads based on their response and interests to keep their buyer's journey in motion.

Postback Data and Third-Party Integrations

Pass your data to your application, database, or CRM of choice. Set up easy third-party integrations to operate messaging campaigns automatically and break down barriers between teams.

Dynamic Landing Pages for Conversions

Swap images, headlines and body text in the marketing automation application to engage visitors with customized content. Build a single page that adapts seamlessly to their demographics, interests & behaviors.

Put an End to Cart Abandonment

Automatically follow up with leads that forgo their potential purchases via instant email workflows. End cart abandonment and improve sales rates to free up your team to focus on other tasks.

Track Leads Across Multiple Devices

Follow leads across smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart speakers, and even brick-and-mortar stores. Get a complete view of the buyer's journey and understand how leads find your brand.

Dynamic Email Marketing Automation Services

Send personalized, dynamic, and relevant emails to your leads without the need for time-consuming coding. Swap out entire phrases, images, and offers using an intuitive interface that's based on your knowledge about your contacts. Convert more leads into sales with emails that truly resonate.

Maximize Your ROI with Revenue Attribution

Understand the true impact of your marketing efforts on revenue with our revenue attribution feature. Get a clear view of which campaigns and channels drive the most revenue and where you should allocate your budget. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy for maximum returns.

Get Actionable Insights with Readable Marketing Reports

Get a clear understanding of the performance of your campaigns with our Readable Marketing Reports. Make informed decisions based on accurate and relevant data of user behaviors and engagements. Choose the most important metrics for each campaign and message, and generate custom reports with ease.
Understand the end-to-end ROI and track both online and offline lead sources. Share important insights with your team, clients, and customers with our readable and accessible display, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and growth.