Convert More Leads with Dynamic Forms

Maximize your lead generation with bPUBLIC CRM's dynamic forms. Easily collect leads that integrate directly with your marketing CRM software, and build, customize, and reorder fields with our sleek drag-and-drop editor. Our dynamic forms even autocomplete fields for known visitors, boosting conversions and creating a seamless user experience. And with customizable CSS, our forms look great on any site. Plus, you can easily map fields from 3rd-party and native forms, making it even easier to streamline your lead generation process. You'll get more leads and conversions with dynamic forms.


Streamline Your Lead Generation with Forms Automation

Create seamless experiences for website visitors and capture information effortlessly with bPUBLIC CRM's dynamic form builder and powerful form automation software.

Forms That Match Your Brand

bPUBLIC CRM offers a dynamic form builder to capture information and create a seamless experience for website visitors. Build and customize user-friendly forms in seconds, using CSS to match your branding and design standards.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Software

Connect your third-party and native forms to bPUBLIC CRM in seconds using the mapping tool. Our form builder software supports major web form automation tools, including FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar, and Salesforce.

Custom Fields for More Detailed Information

Our form builder software offers a dozen different fields for gathering data. However, with custom fields, you can create as many data points as you need, to inform your buyer personas, product design, customer service, and more.

Effortless Drag-and-Drop Interface

Edit your forms instantly with our dynamic form builder - just drag and drop to reorder content. All your changes can be viewed instantly on your live website, making it simple to modify your forms as needed.

Get Deeper Insights with Web Form Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI with bPUBLIC CRM's powerful and customizable metrics on demand. Measure, compare and optimize form performance, and generate custom reports to track and display web form performance over time.

Autocompletion to Improve Conversion Rates

Increase form conversion rates with a frictionless user experience using our automated web form filling software. Autocompletion completes form fields for regular visitors, so leads and customers don’t have to put in all their data, every time.

Get Live Leads with Webex

Add Webex topics to bPUBLIC CRM forms to capture leads, and then follow up live with online events to educate and convert. Choose which data to collect, then add event details and RSVP options with our form builder software.

Third-Party Postback Integration

Share form data with other apps and databases with our form automation software. Simply add a Postback URL to sync information instantly and automatically.

Eye-Catching Call-to-Action Buttons

Build custom call-to-action buttons with our infinitely flexible form builder software. Customize your design without programming or design experience, and let our automated forms software do the rest.

Seamless Integration with CRM

Use the built-in CRM to save and organize lead information, or integrate with your third-party CRM service to update your records instantly.

Universal CMS Compatibility

Your forms will look great on all major content management systems, including SitePressor, WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and Joomla! Other CMS integrations are also available.

Preview Forms Before Posting

View and test your web form automations before they go live. Make any last-minute edits without leaving the page.

Assign Personas at Form Submission

Include a field that maps to your pre-set buyer personas. Set up questions and answers so new leads can instantly categorize themselves, and follow up with dynamic emails and landing pages to engage and convert leads with personalized information.

Track Campaign Performance

Use the customizable "How Did You Hear About Us?" field to attribute leads to the proper campaign. Activate behavior-based tracking only for relevant leads, regardless of whether they found you through digital or non-digital marketing tactics, such as trade shows, print ads, or postcard mailings.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Entire Tech Stack

With our powerful APIs and Zapier connections, you can connect to hundreds of third-party software providers and seamlessly integrate all of your systems in one place. Keep your marketing automation CRM, content management systems, and web forms up-to-date and fully integrated with our marketing platform. Plus, take full control of your brand by rebranding emails, notifications, reports, and the app itself. All your data is securely stored on our encrypted, scalable platform, giving you peace of mind and ease of access. With bPUBLIC CRM, you have everything you need to streamline your tech stack and supercharge your marketing.

Supercharge Your Sales with Our Built-in and 3rd-Party CRM Integrations

Empower your sales with our Marketing Automation CRM's seamless integration with any other CRM provider. With instant two-way synchronization, keep all of your integrated data up-to-date. Manage sales with ease with a bird's eye view of your pipeline, custom deal stages, fields, filters and more using our marketing automation tools. With bPUBLIC CRM, you can streamline your sales process and close deals faster!